The Wedding Veil

Posted: October 18, 2012 by Jim Killam in Uncategorized
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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about thin places – places or moments when the veil between heaven and earth is especially transparent. That was a few days before my daughter Lindsey’s wedding, when my kids and I got to experience another one.

First, of course, it was the joy of seeing my beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, and getting to walk her down the aisle and give her to her new husband, Cory. But during those scripted moments came one that was special and very unscripted.

The wedding was held in a very small, old church. With the audience seated, all the attendants walked in and took their places. Then my two married sons, Ben and Zack, who were the ushers, closed the sanctuary’s two heavy wooden doors. Lindsey and I came up the stairs from the dressing area. Suddenly it was just the four of us, alone there in the vestibule – Lindsey holding my left arm, Ben and Zack looking at us and smiling warmly. No one needed to say a word.

At that moment, all the years of parenting, of being responsible for the care, safety and well-being of my kids, were ending. Another era was beginning. Our family has been through some heartache these past few years. But in that private moment with my kids, it all melted away as we exchanged those knowing smiles. It only lasted 30 seconds at most, but 25 years of memories flashed through my mind.

And then Ben and Zack slowly opened the doors, revealing a beautiful bride for her groom. Lindsey and I slowly walked down the aisle. I took my place beside my own beautiful wife, held her hand, and together we watched the season of our lives change before our eyes.

From a beautiful wedding and a great day, that quiet moment in the vestibule will stick with me the most, I think. We don’t always recognize or appreciate life’s biggest moments until much later. But in this one, I could feel God whispering, “Everything is all right.”

And momentarily, that space between heaven and earth seemed about as thin as my daughter’s wedding veil.


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