About Us

Lincoln Brunner is a missionary journalist and photographer for ReachGlobal. Previously, he worked for four years in newspapers and six years in the trade press. He’s hopelessly fond of his wife (Ann), their three daughters, laughing, the Chicago Cubs, Little Debby Nutty Bars and traveling (but not airports … definitely not airports). He’s also been known to tolerate his friends, cross-country skiing, classic comedy movies, and grilled red meat accompanied by chopped mushrooms and a good merlot. He’s been a Christ-follower since childhood.

Jim Killam is a missionary journalist and storytelling teacher for ReachGlobal.  He has co-authored two books and has been a regular contributor to several Christianity Today publications. He’s won writing awards from the Evangelical Press Association, who obviously has never met him. Until May 2012, he was faculty adviser for the Northern Star, the daily student newspaper at Northern Illinois University, where he spent 17 years. Previously, he worked 10 years as a newspaper reporter and editor.  Jim has been a Christian since childhood. He and his wife, Lauren, are actively involved in planting and growing a missional church. They have three grown children and live in Illinois (the Rocky Mountain State).

Jim’s website


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