What’s All This About Hammers?

Originally, this blog was going to be a book. Maybe it still will be, but thus far we have been unsuccessful in influencing/impressing/bribing any agents or publishers. In the meantime, the fine folks at WordPress have afforded us this blog space. Those royalty checks should start arriving any day now.

Our purpose is to take a close look at the American evangelical church — what’s working, what’s not working any more and what never, ever worked, like those end-times comic books and Stryper. We write from the personal experience of ourselves and people we know. Sometimes that might be pretty funny, and sometimes it might sting a little. We seek not to bash any church, or the Church as a whole, but to send up a distress signal. Something’s not working, and the Church needs to hear from some of the people who have experienced that up-close. And, some things are working just fine; those who are keeping their distance from church need to see that, too.

We believe there is great hope. The reason for so much disillusionment with the Church is precisely because increasing numbers of Christians are choosing — finally — to engage with the broader culture. Problem is, they — we — are realizing that many of the tools we’ve been given all of their lives are inadequate. That can change. It’s beginning to change already. It needs to change much faster.

With this in mind, and in the great tradition of Martin Luther, we humbly tack our thoughts to the figurative door of the American evangelical church. In the process, we are likely to smash our thumbs with the hammer.

We hope you’ll take part in the conversation.


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